Accountant Support Services

Accounting firms often use a range of individual programs or larger software packages that include all the various applications within one suite such as Iris or CCH. Other programs such as the widely used Sage suite, QuickBooks or the modular based Open Accounts applications are also popular platforms, but one thing they all have in common is a need for regular updating.

We have worked closely with the vendors of all these widely used applications and have extensive knowledge of how they operate and the individual processes required to update them. Accounting firms with in-house IT of employees who take on this role, often find this recurring need for updating software a time consuming process. Our team of experienced technicians can free up valuable time for in-house staff and take over responsibility for this essential updating, performing it inside or outside of working hours to minimise any impact to day to day operations.

Saving You Money

Businesses can sometimes view IT as just another cost, but one of our aims is to turn this into a business benefit. We look at areas of your day to day operations and try to find ways of streamlining IT processes that underpin productivity to make them more efficient and easier to manage. We also utilise other technologies such as Virtualisation to reduce the running costs of multiple physical servers and make recovery much faster in the event of a system failure. When extra work is required outside of your SLA and a fee is applicable, our hourly rate is one of the lowest available at just £47.50.

Here When You Need Us Most

Technology can deliver so many benefits, but sometimes it can have a knack of letting us down at the worst possible time. Having worked with accountancy firms since 2004 we understand that certain times of the year are more critical than others, such as end of year company accounts filing and annual Tax Returns. Many accountants work outside normal working hours during these very busy periods and rely on their IT so they can meet strict deadlines. To deliver extra peace of mind we provide an on call guaranteed response service during these times.