Network Monitoring

Businesses that outsource their IT support and maintenance benefit from reduced overheads and have access to a range of different skill sets and resources, but understand some of limits of outsourcing against that of a dedicated in-house IT department.

To try and address one of these limitations we employ Network Monitoring to be our ‘dedicated eyes and ears’ on the network, alerting us to any changes to key services in real-time. This could be a brief outage to Internet connectivity, drive space capacity decrease or key backend service going offline such as Exchange for email.

Our network monitoring service is constantly checking the status of each key resource or service and sends an alert to our helpdesk should one of these fall below a predefined level.

Network monitoring is ours and your early warning system helping us stay one step ahead and resolve issues before they become more widespread and disruptive. The network monitoring service is available as part of our standard service contracts, so each client can have the feeling of an in-house IT department without the overheads.