As a business owner or IT administrator, protecting your data is a top priority and for good reason. Corrupted or lost files resulting from malware infection can cost your company vast amounts of time, resources, and money.

Increases in the severity of malware attacks, vulnerabilities in networks and software applications, and uninformed users raise the stakes of the cyber security game. So now more than ever, businesses need to address security and layer up their awareness and level of protection.

This infographic identifies the threats you are facing today, the potential holes in your defences, and the layers of security you should be deploying to protect your data.

Click here to download the PDF version.

Don't think you'll be safe – even companies such as 'ZYXEL' and 'TalkTalk' have unfortunately been the latest victims, with malware sent directly to theirs and their customers internet routers causing huge global disruptions, ask us for a quote for protection?