IT Systems Health Check

Businesses are almost solely reliant upon their IT systems and services to maintain operations, so ensuring these are in a ‘healthy state’ and operating fully provides reassurance and peace of mind.

Our technicians undertake a manual check on each client’s key backend IT systems and services including Exchange, SQL, anti-virus, server resources and data backup. All clients with an IT Service Agreement receive a daily IT Systems Health Check each morning as part of their standard IT Service Agreement and are provided an easy to read report showing what we have checked and the status of each key service.

As an outsourced IT provider we are not working solely on one clients site, so need to have a daily snapshot of what the servers and core backend services are doing so we a fully apprised of the systems status at the start of each working day. The IT Systems Health Check provides this vital overview of the systems and allows our technicians to address any potential issues before they become a bigger problem.

By combining the IT Systems Health Check with our Network Monitoring service and IT Case Tracking, we are able to highlight trends and escalate underlying or recurring issues earlier, so we can resolve these faster and with the minimum of disruption.