IT Security

IT Security is a fundamental part of any businesses IT infrastructure, but very often an overlooked area.

Recovering from an IT Security breach can cost an organization thousands of pounds in relation to IT recovery efforts, customer protection and retention programs, legal activities, discouraged business partners, lowered employee productivity and reduced revenue. Penetration testing helps you to avoid these financial pitfalls by proactively identifying and addressing risks before attacks or security breaches occur.

When one organization suffers a data breach or infrastructure attack, it often affects their business or charity partners, investors or supporters either directly or by association. With many of today’s businesses seeking reassurance from partners that they are maintaining sufficient security controls, penetration testing results highlight a commitment to proactive vulnerability assessment, risk mitigation and threat management.

Even a single incident of compromised data can be costly both in terms of sensitive/confidential data being in the public domain and tarnishing an organization’s image. IT Security testing helps you avoid data incidents that put your organization’s reputation and trustworthiness at stake.

IT Security and network penetration testing provides detailed information on actual, exploitable security threats. By

performing these tests, we can proactively identify which vulnerabilities are most critical, which are less significant and which are FALSE positives. This allows you to make informed decisions about securing your network and priorities the appropriate action to address the vulnerabilities.

We are accredited ‘Ethical Hackers.’ This allows us to act as a ‘malicious’ third party, with no prior knowledge of your network and by prior agreement attempt to penetrate your network using common techniques, tools and methods.

On average most networks can be penetrated within 4 hours!

Once our tests are complete we will provide you with a report detailing each step and the level of access we achieved. Based on this information we can then make recommendations for addressing these vulnerabilities and securing your network.