IT Procurement

Nearly all IT projects require some sort of procurement, whether it’s for hardware, software or services. The responsibility for procuring these services often falls to the Office Manager, IT Manager or Operations Director.

From the outset the IT Procurement process can be a mine field of ‘techno babble’ combined with an overwhelming range of products and services on offer and a brief that may not wholly fit the requirements of the business.

At Sensus3 we have been assisting clients with making the right choice for many years, helping them to select the best technology vendors to meet their requirements from a large range of hardware, software and service providers.

We follow a proven IT Procurement methodology of Why – What – How when working with clients, turning what can often be seen as just a necessary running cost into a valuable business asset, though careful understanding, suiting.

Partnering with some of the largest technology vendors on the market from HP, IBM and Lenovo through to Microsoft, Symantec, MessageLabs and VMware, we can deliver some of the best brands in hardware and software available today.

Through our long association with charitable organisations, we have become well versed in IT Procurement for this sector. Working with specific suppliers such as the Charity Technology Exchange (CTX) has allowed us to deliver products from some of these leading technology vendors, to charities, at hugely reduced prices.