IT Audits

Many businesses can lose track of what hardware and software they operate as they grow, which can become a problem when equipment is stolen, lost or when planning system upgrades. It can also leave companies exposed to software licensing laws and large fines for non-compliance.

An IT Audit can provide a detailed overview of all the systems the company operates, how old the hardware is, what software is installed and where licensing shortfalls may need to be addressed. IT Audits can also highlight security holes in the company’s network and provide a snapshot of systems specifications to assist with upgrade planning.

Businesses often choose us to undertake an IT Audit for insurance purposes, so they have a breakdown of the equipment, serial numbers and system specifications when they need it most.

We offer IT Audits to all new clients FREE of charge at the start of every new IT Service Agreement and provide information about the IT network and systems in a detailed report. The IT Audit report will also show our observations and recommendations to help client’s make an informed decision about suggested changes that could help improve areas such as network security, streamline backend processes or re-distribute server roles.

The IT Audit information will be uploaded to our secure client extranet portal so we have a record of each client’s site for support purposes and licensing renewals. Clients can view their site details at any time for checking passwords or other useful information we hold about the companies IT systems.

For businesses that wish to have a one off IT Audit, we’ll agree a time for this to be undertaken and with authorization run an auditing program to gather key information about the systems, before compiling this into a detailed report. Once complete one of our consultants will arrange a time to go through the report and discuss our observation and recommendations. Audit costs start from just £200