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20% OFF  new 12 months IT Support Contracts 

If you’re interested in saving money, getting a better deal on your current IT support contract, looking to improve on the service you currently receive or just taking your first steps toward underpinning your businesses IT systems, then Sensus3 has it covered.

Not only have we remained one of the best value IT support providers on the market since 2004, our highly skilled, professional and friendly team continue to exceed our clients expectations by delivering an unrivalled level of service.

Our IT support rates start from just £52.50 per hour That’s over £20.00 per hour less than the industry standard average rate! Does this mean we compromise on service?
The simple answer is NO, and with almost 90% of new business coming by way of recommendation, our clients must feel they’re in safe hands.

Become a new client & Be Rewarded

Our IT support services are best delivered as part of a Service Level Agreement on a 12 month fixed rate basis. For organisations changing their IT provider or taking the first leap of faith into outsourcing their IT support for networks of around 10 systems we can tailor an exclusive 10month for the price of 12 month introductory offer.. That's a massive 20% off on your annual IT expenditure!

For organisations already outsourcing their IT support and are looking to make a monthly/annual cost saving or change the support provision as part of a review, then the 12 month contract provides a fixed rate, peace of mind safety net. However all our contracts are tailored to suit each organisations specific needs, so whether it’s 20 or 200 systems that need supporting, we have a contract to suit.

We will perform a Free Systems Audit to every new client who takes out a 12 month fixed rate support contract between Jan 1st – March 31st, 2017.
This audit can provide real insight as to the current state of your network, highlight areas that may need some attention and allow us to make some informed suggestions to how things could be improved, often with no financial outlay.

Our Support at a Glance

  • FREE – First Hour On-Site
  • 20% OFF – Your 12 Month Contract fee [Terms & Conditions apply]
  • FREE – Full Systems Audit with Report
  • 7 Days – Helpdesk & Remote Support
  • Guaranteed –  Remote & On-Site Response
  • Daily – Server and Key Service Health Check with Report
  • Alert – Key Service Monitoring with Auto Alerts
  • Pro-Active – On-Site Support and Development
  • Aware – Client Extranet for Recording Site/Systems Information
  • Complete –  Support Case Tracking & Account Management

“Sensus3 are like a breath of fresh air, so easy to work with and the audit report they gave me helped me understand what I actually had running behind the scenes' – M.Holloway – M&P Homes

For more information or to request a quote contact us here  Call: 020 8770 0007 or Email:

[Term & Conditions Apply – Sensus3’s standard business terms & conditions still apply, all rights reserved]

2 Month’s Free Offer – Terms and Conditions as at 1st January 2017

1. To be eligible for the "2 Months Free Offer" ("Offer"), you (“Customer”) must be:

  • a new Sensus3 customer
  • signing up to a new 12-month fixed term support/service agreement with Sensus3
  • Your monthly IT support requirements for IT equipment must equate to a minimum recurring monthly fee of £500.00 based upon the rates shown on the Sensus3 Support Calculator at

This offer is based upon the amount of devices and/or services to be supported including but not limited to: Servers, PC’s, Laptop/Notebooks, PDA’s, Firewalls, Routers, Wireless Access Points, Printers, Switches, NAS Drives. If it is subsequently found that you do not meet the above eligibility criteria, Sensus3 may remove you from the Offer. Subject to meeting Sensus3’s acceptance criteria, you may be offered an alternative pricing plan.

2. The Offer includes:

  • A reduction in recurring monthly support/service agreement billing over a 12 month fixed term period, equivalent to 2 months’ worth of support spread across the 12 month term

3. Example offer:

  • Customer support/service agreement cost calculated at £500.00 per month which equated to £6,000 over a 12 month fixed term agreement

20% Saving equates to £1,000 [pro-rated]  – (£1,000 spread over 12 months equates to £83.33 per month)

So your 20% saving delivers a monthly figure of £416.67 over the 12 month fixed term of your IT Support Contract

4. Exclusions:

  • If you end the 12 month fixed term support/service agreement before the full 12 months has elapsed, then payment in full for any remaining term of the agreement becomes due and will be collected within 15 days of the notice date
  • This offer does not extend beyond the first 12 months of a new fixed term support/service agreement

5. Renewal:

  • Any and all 12-month fixed term IT support contracts automatically renew for a period of 12 months unless written notice to cancel the contract is received not less than 60-days before the expiry of the in-place IT support contract agreement, Sensus3 reserve the right to amend the automatic renewed IT support contract agreement and may or may not supply the changes, changes are likely to be but not limited to, the setting out of new prices and any other related changes including the length of the term
  • If you choose not to renew your 12 month fixed term support/service agreement, you must give written notice at least 60-days before the expiry of the existing agreement. Otherwise, the plan is deemed to be renewed on the new terms and will commence on the expiry of your current plan for a further 12 months. This 20% discounted offer does not extend to automaticaly renewed 12-month fixed term IT support contracts that were taken out under this 20% discounted offer.

6. General:

  • The 2 months’ worth of credit is not transferable, refundable nor redeemable for cash
  • This Offer is not available in conjunction with any offer from Sensus3 or its affiliates
  • Sensus3 standard terms and conditions of business apply. Any changes to such terms during the period of your 12 month fixed term support/service agreement will not take effect until after your initial fixed term has expired, unless such changes are imposed by law
  • Entry into this Offer implies full acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Offer
  • All prices and costs shown exclude vat at the applicable rate. E&OE
  • Sensus3 and Customer rights are reserved